Mission Statement


  1. We will actively seek genuine truth about Combat Logic
  2. We will pioneer the application of Scientific Method
  3. We will promote the concept of ‘human combat’ as the root for all martial arts
  4. We shall compliment traditional martial arts with scientifically derived data, and make it readily available
  5. We will pioneer the application of Cybernetics
  6. We will pioneer the concept of 'Making martial arts measurable'.
  7. We will conduct interdisciplinary research to understand the fundamental and universal basis of interpersonal combat and the Martial Arts


  1. We will act as a repository for potentially life-saving information on interpersonal violence
  2. We will promote that repository as a vital resource
  3. We will share information in an open manner


  1. We will collaborate openly and freely, culturing an environment conducive to scientific progression and development
  2. We shall suppress all egoism, placing Truth above all ‘preference’
  3. We will invite discussion and dialogue in the spirit of scholarship
  4. We will invite contributions from anyone who pursues these aims.