True Martial Science (Eskirmology) Pseudo-martial science
There is only one true science, and that is what we call Eskirmology.


There are many different systems of martial pseudo-science. Some so called martial sciences are simply using scientific terms, but on closer investigation are martial arts such as Baguazhang or Karate with a scientific motif.
There are martial scientists who study fighting; there is no creator of martial science. All pursue a need to understand fighting exponential to themselves. There is a martial artist who teaches others. i.e. a “head of system”, as well as an institutionalised hierarchy designed to reinforce the founder’s importance.
Eskirmologists recognise experts of eskirmology, but do not look to them for absolute validation. Eskirmology is a truth exponential to all human beings and therefore no human being represents the complete eskirmology. Eskirmologists recognise one source of knowledge – Eskirmologics. An expert or “head of system”, albeit with many years in martial arts, is assumed to know eskirmologics intrinsically. He is looked to as a master of fighting – he teaches “his” method, and “his” understanding, but it is not a scientifically valid opinion if it does not comply with some kind of eskirmological consensus, and Method.
Represents and consists of the sum of humanity’s knowledge about fighting. Objectivity and consensus are the main tools. Represents and consists of the sum of a founder’s knowledge about fighting. Subjectivity, preference upon sources and experience.
All ideas are open and presented in an open forum, each to be discussed and agreed upon in an open way. If something does not work, we discuss why it does not and we cease to use it. The science is fairly guarded, and the “system” is not open for discussion. It is taught this way because this is how the founder taught it. There is no consensus.
Liberation from ritual. The scientific method, the tools to understand fighting and it’s solutions are given to the student so that he may identify the core parameters as to what works and what does not. He may then study from where-ever and whom-ever he chooses. Indoctrination into ritual. The tools of the system are given to the student, with little or no discussion of why they work, or it is given in basic cultural/ritual language with little theoretical (or scientific) basis. The student may also be forced to study only from this source.
Accept all that is eskirmological and discard the rest. Accept all that is taught in the combative system; some of what is useful, some of what is not.
Fallibilism: all principles and statements are open to be disproved. There is no sentimentality over ideas and principles. Conventionalism: all principles and statements were created by enlightened founders and progenitors and are not to be changed or argued with.
Scientific investigations are made in order to learn more about fighting and relate findings to their meanings in the martial arts. Scientific investigations are made in order to prove techniques work. If scientific investigation disproves a certain principle, then we do not fully understand the principle, or there are other technical “excuses” offered.

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