An “-ism” is defined as a “suffix forming nouns of action, state, condition, doctrine, from the French -isme, from the Latin -isma, from Gk. -isma, from stem of verbs in -izein.”

It may be recognised essentially as a set of ideas (doctrine) which is defended and or promoted to others amid many other examples or doctrines. In which case, all martial arts from Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon-Do cannot be defined as Eskirmological, but rather as Hoplologisms.

The term “Hoplologism” is made up of the suffix -ism, as well as the term “Hoplos” denoting human combatives from the anthropological study of Hoplology.

We therefore consider the science of Hoplology to be in actuality the coherent and legitimate study of Hoplologisms. We use this term Hoplologism to refer to the martial arts in order to differentiate the Combat System (as a set of eskirmological data which forms the core of the Hoplologism) from the cultural and social motifs which enrobe it and give the martial art its recognisable character in relation to other martial arts.

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