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Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:44 by Jamie Acutt MIMAS

People call me 'Jamie', 'James' or 'Jay' depending upon how you know me. I have profiles on LinkedIn, Academia.edu, twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

My professional title relates to my 10 years experience in Marketing, UX design and development of web technologies (Level 6 Dip DigM M IDM). Yet like most internet representations, this title does not, and cannot, capture the depth of the person behind it. My career in Digital Design has been substantially influenced by a field of study known as Cybernetics and Behavioural Economics. Study of these topics is a by-product of another profound interest in my life: Martial Arts.

There's really too much detail to go into, so I thought it best to simply list some of the most important things you should know. I intend to write a separate entry for my Design Portfolio which I shall link here in due course.

United Kingdom


  • 20 years experience (and almost that long doing research)
  • 2nd Dan Hapkido
  • 1st Dan Tae Kwon Do
  • Cross-training and practice of:
    • Wing Chun
    • Fencing
    • Boxing
    • Muay Thai
    • Baguazhang
    • Taijiquan (Yang & Chen)
    • Competition Wushu
    • Shaolin Wushu
    • Capoeira
    • Jeet Kune Do


Peer-reviewed Scientific Periodicals & Journals

  • IMAS Journal (2015); Risk in Hand-to-Hand Combat: Applying an Operational Risk Assessment Model to better understand the function of Martial Arts, Volume 004 Issue 004, Autumn 2015, pp. 26-79.
  • IMAS Journal (2016); The Cybernetics of the Martial Arts: A proposed application of Cybernetics to the study of the function of Martial Arts, Volume 005 Issue 002, Spring 2016, pp.18-85.
  • ICSSPE Journal (2016); Aristotelian Science behind a Medieval European Martial Art, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, Special Bulletin.

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