Martial Arts Delusion

The invention of martial arts


Martial Arts were created by individuals, whose exposure to combat revealed to them aspects of logic, but that was filtered by their own form, their own talents, proportions and abilities. This exposure allowed them to identify only aspects of Combat Logic – through the lens of their own individual perspective. This information forms his personal habit, and approach to combative situations.


Perhaps the individual considered his skills valuable and began to teach others, or perhaps others witnessed this individual’s skills and considered them to be of value – either way, these skills were passed on from one human being to another. This process is called ‘instruction’ or ‘teaching’ in which the mental world-view (subconscious, intuitive and explicit), physical skills and abilities of that person are transferred.

This method effectively requires ‘bootstrapping’ the system as a ‘product’ assigning names and terms to motions and actions as well as to the system itself. This process reconciles the ‘founder’s’ experience with the understanding of his recipients.

This defined proposition, often generated within societies which valued this information highly often guarded it, kept it solely for the benefit of members of the social group (albeit ‘clan’, ‘familial group’, ‘troop’ etc). In which case, these partitioned aspects of combat logic, though sharing much, and duplicating information of other groups, remained isolated and closed in nature, whilst their solutions were rarely discussed, shared or questioned.


Those who have received the information have a unique position, and such a position offered them a form of Social Capital. It made them experts in the skills which made kingdoms and Realms secure, and their closeness to that information increased their status in societies with violent sub-currents (feudal societies in particular).

This relationship with the ‘founder’ inclines them to deify him, and increase their own importance by association. As their organisation grows in numbers, their Social Capital increases exponentially as the masses repeated return to the founder and his direct students for answers.