"Where there is resistence, there is Eskirmology"


Conflict is the meeting of two or more Agents due to competiting or conflicting motivations.

Where conflict arises, there is resistence, and where there is resistence, there is the need for amelioration. Conflict is found everywhere: whether in the competition between animals for mating privileges or competition between businesses vying for control of their marketshare.

The most absolute and explicit example of conflict is that observable between material bodies, specifically between living creatures. The reasons for coming into physical conflict are multifarious, but are all reducible to the imperatives imposed by being 'alive'. Biology itself dictates that animals seek their own survival, and therefore towards that end, coming into physical conflict is inevitable.

Although human beings have, as a species, typically devised means of avoiding the cost and inefficiencies of physical conflict, it remains the most common last resort. For this reason, physical conflict is the baseline example of conflict, and the lessons discovered in it's observation represent a framework for the dynamics of all forms of conflict. In Marxist philosophy, conflict is necessary for change, it is the catalyst of progress. Therefore to understand what the underlying parameters are that define or preclude success may well be of profound value to everyone.


Founded upon a definition of Truth, Eskirmology attempts to answer some of the crucial questions surrounding the existence of fighting and martial arts. According to the Ethologist Konrad Lorenz, there is a definite difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘proving’, and it is this difference which forms the basis for Eskirmological research.

Coupling Cybernetic principles with Scientific investigation (outside of any concept of ‘Martial Arts’), statistical analysis of behaviour-sets across many different martial arts; as well as an important corroboration using Historical Investigation, Eskirmology is a reformist approach.

As an approach, it favours Scientific Method over a number of forms of Confirmation Bias.


In order to familiarise yourself with Eskirmology, we suggest beginning with our Manifesto which explains what Eskirmology is (and crucially, what it isn't); followed by the introduction to a number of the Core concepts in Eskirmological Framework.

This latter article establishes the ‘Roadmap’ for how study should most logically structured, as well as supplying a ‘framework’ for some of the basis principles and concepts.

The application of Eskirmological research culminates in the practice of the Unified Combat System; a combat which which takes the knowledge generated by theoretical investigation and applies it to practice.